Eligibility and Service


Any permanent employee of a sponsor employer belonging to the groups covered by the Plan is enrolled immediately upon employment.

Casual and non-permanent employees in those groups who have been employed for a minimum of two years and have worked a minimum of 700 hours in each year may elect to join the Plan.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility, contact your employer’s Human Resources or Personnel Department, who can advise if and when you are eligible to join the Plan.




All employees eligible for membership in the Plan must complete an enrollment form which will register you in the Plan and authorize the deduction of contributions from each pay you receive.


Many permanent employees receive this form on their first day of work from the Human Resources or Personnel Department who submits it on their behalf.  Please note however that some employers do have a waiting period that must be satisfied before employees become eligible to join the Plan.


Non-permanent employees who have met eligibility requirements will receive a letter and enrollment form from the Human Resources or Personnel Department of their employer or the Pensions & Disabiliity Administration Department.


If you have recently become eligible to participate in the Plan and have not received an enrollment form you may request one from Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc.



Pensionable Service

Pensionable Service is based on a member’s continuous service in a position with one of the employers of the Plan, and for which the member made contributions into the Plan. Pensionable service for part-time employees shall be prorated accordingly.

Pensionable service includes service you may have purchased or transferred into the Plan, and service during which you received Long Term Disability Benefits. It does not include service for which you received a refund of contributions.

Pensionable Service is not reduced for any period of suspension, leave of absence with partial or no salary (to a maximum of five years plus an additional three years with respect to parental leave), or layoff from work for 90 days or less, provided you continued to make contributions to the Plan during these periods.



Buying Past Service Periods

If you were previously a member of this Plan and received a refund of your own contributions upon termination, you do have the option (within 180 days of re-entering the Plan) to reinstate such previous service for pension purposes.

If you were previously a member of this Plan and elected a commuted value transfer out of the Plan upon termination, you do have the option (within 180 days of re-entering the Plan) to purchase such previous service for pension purposes.

As well, in some instances, you may purchase a service period where you were employed by one of the employers participating in the Plan but were not a member of the Plan.

If you wish to purchase a past service period, you must notify Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc. The cost to purchase service is actuarially calculated and is the responsibility of the Plan member. Your employer does not match these contributions.


It is important to note that purchasing past service periods can affect the reporting of Pension Adjustments for tax purposes and may reduce the amount you will be able to contribute to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).



Transfer To and From Other Plans

Under the terms of the Plan, transfers of service from other Plans are permitted only when the Board has entered into a reciprocal agreement with the other pension plan. Due to the cost and complexity of transferring service into the Plan from another pension plan or to another pension plan from this Plan, the Administrative Board has adopted a policy that does not permit the Plan to enter into reciprocal agreements.


If you are employed by one of the seven employers who participate in the Plan and you transfer to another of the seven employers your membership in the Plan remains unchanged provided your new position meets eligibility requirements.

If you transfer to the Regina Police Service you may continue your membership in the Plan on a non-contributory basis provided that you inform Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc. in writing, within 60 days of termination of employment with one of the seven employers. You will no longer contribute to the Plan, however, the combined total of your pensionable service under this Plan and the Regina Police Pension Plan and the Target Retirement Income Plan for the Regina Police Service shall be utilized to determine eligibility or entitlement to benefits under this Plan.


All transfers are subject to the limits under The Income Tax Act.


For inquiries regarding the transfer of service to and from the Plan, please contact Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc.